Bitcoin Blasts Through $2,200 While Ethereum Goes Ballistic

Bitcoin Blasts Through $2,200 While Ethereum Goes Ballistic by Jeff Berwick – Dollar Vigilante

I apologize that we have been covering bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies so much. But, they are all going up so insanely, it is hard to not mention them! And, after all, we are The Dollar Vigilante and we expect the US dollar to collapse… and compared to bitcoin it already has… so we cover ways to survive and prosper during and after that eventuality.

And people haven’t just been surviving with our recommendation to buy bitcoin at $3 in 2011… they are getting fantastically wealthy!

Just since our last article about how bitcoin had broken the $2,000 barrier, it has since risen another $200, and $3 billion in market cap, to over $2,200.

Bitcoin has now risen $1,000 in just the last month!

And, amazingly, that’s absolutely nothing compared to Ethereum.

We featured Ethereum to TDV newsletter subscribers (subscribe here) in January of last year around $2. Up until three months ago it was trading at $12. And now it is over $150!

Cryptocurrencies as a sector have absolutely exploded.

One year ago the total value of all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin was only $8 billion. Today that number is nearly $80 billion!

It took 7 years, from 2009 to 2016, for the value of all cryptocurrencies to hit $10 billion. It took another year to hit $20 billion. Then it took only three more months to hit $40 billion. Three weeks after that (this morning) we hit $80 billion.

How’s that for a growth sector! And we’ve been covering it all and saying this would happen since 2011. It’s been so nice to see subscribers saying how they bought homes with their profits. And even readers of this blog or Youtube viewers (subscribe to our channel here) saying they’ve become wealthy just from reading our blogs or watching our videos!

Also don’t feel bad if you missed the boat on buying bitcoin at a cheaper rate, because today is the anniversary of developer Laszlo Hanyecz’s buying 2 pizzas for a total of 10,000 bitcoins back in 2010. If he had just held onto those until today, they would be worth over $22 million!

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