The Birth of the IMF and World Bank

The Birth of the IMF and World Bankby Rory, The Daily Coin

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Ever hear of a man named Harry Dexter White? Probably not. Harry is one of the people that lives in the shadows and creates mechanisms and institutions of enslavement. The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) funded both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank with Harry being the driving force behind both of these mafia organizations. The purpose of these institutions is to enslave humanity through debt obligations.

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The IMF was set up to loan money to countries that find themselves in financial trouble. The country vying for a loan has already shown they can not manage their funds properly and reach out to global loan shark, the IMF. The IMF will be happy to “loan” a country monies for cleaning up their past debt in exchange for infrastructure, land and other national resources that actually generate revenue.

For example, if a country, like Greece, has tallied up more debt than is possible to repay, through promises of early retirement to state workers, a four day work week and public projects that produce nothing except more debt, the IMF will wipe clean these obligations in return for Greece following their rules/regulations/laws and signing away all of their national landmarks, water systems and transportation systems. The IMF will then sell these treasures to their cronies for pennies on the dollar. Greece is now enslaved and obligated to the banks forever.

The ESF is one of those organizations you never hear about for the simple fact they answer to no one. The ESF is part of the U.S. Treasury but does not answer to Congress, the President or the Judiciary. They make their own rules, use the trillions of dollars in the way they see fit and no one is the wiser of their actions or how your tax dollars are being used.

Country in South America not acting like the U.S. government wants them to act? Well, unleash a few million ESF dollars and create a coup. Need drug running operations in the Middle East, once again, turn to the ESF and the funding is virtually untraceable. What about the Iran-Contra scandal where drugs, weapons and people were being used as leverage to force countries into line with U.S. warmongering policies? Funded by the ESF.

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Covert, black operations, off-book funded projects, propaganda of the highest order – all funded by ESF dollars, answering to no one for well over eighty years and counting. Part 2 ESF History – video by cedecO


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