Warning: ‘Deplorables Are Everywhere’ – From Lawmakers To 4Chan To Independent Media, Patriots Have Re-engaged


Warning: ‘Deplorables Are Everywhere’ – From Lawmakers To 4Chan To Independent Media, Patriots Have Re-engaged by Susan Duclos – All News Pipeline

When New World Order proponents, including deep state members of the intelligence community and their sycophants in the mainstream media got their butts handed to them in the November 2016 presidential election, a series of events happened in quick succession geared toward one outcome, sabotage the new administration, no matter the cost to the country.


During the election, Hillary Clinton and the MSM decided it would be a good idea to call Trump supporters “deplorables”, and immediately after the election the MSM attacked Independents Media, calling them “fake news”‘ and “Russian Propaganda,” which backfired on them spectacularly when the focus was turned to the massive amount of “fake news” coming from the MSM itself.

Unable to present any evidence against Donald Trump and/or associates committed any criminal actions, despite over a year of “unmasking” and using the intelligence community to attempt to prevent Trump from winning the election, then to stop the inauguration, the previous administration expanded the dissemination of said intelligence for the sole purpose of having so much information “out there” that there would be a flood of leaks, which could cast a cloud over the new administration, despite there being “no evidence” of wrong doing.

The following two paragraphs from Jim Geraghty over at National Review, pretty much explains why the NWO, deep state and MSM, are working so hard to provide as much fake news, using “unnamed” and “anonymous” sources, as possible to sabotage the Trump administration…… because they have no evidence of criminal wrong doing.

Are any Democratic lawmakers starting to fear that they’re not going to find that evidence? The intelligence community is presumably always watching the Russian government as closely as they can. The FBI counterintelligence guys presumably track Russian agents on our soil as much as possible. You figure the NSA can track just about any electronic communicationbetween Russians and figures in the Trump campaign.

If there was something sinister and illegal going on between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the U.S. government as a whole had every incentive in the world to expose that as quickly as possible. They didn’t expose it before Election Day, they didn’t expose it before the Electoral College voted, they didn’t expose it before Inauguration Day… How many months have the best investigators in the United States been digging into this?

Alan Dershowitz, attorney and prominent scholar on United States constitutional law and criminal law, who spent most his career as Harvard Law school professor, as well as being involved in some very high profile cases,  states clearly that he “proudly” voted for Hillary Clinton,  explains below  that even if every one of the never-ending fake news stories coming out of the MSM were true…. no crime has been committed by President Trump.

In fact, in a recent op-ed over at The Hill, Dershowitz makes the very point we made here at ANP three days ago, the newly appointed Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, now holds the jurisdiction, while looking for “criminal activity,” to prosecute members of the intelligence community that has been leaking information to the press, say that would be “ironic.”

His concluding two paragraphs from the op-ed below, but we do encourage everyone to read it in its entirety.

It would have been far better for this country if Congress had appointed a nonpartisan investigatory commission to uncover the whole truth, including noncriminal wrongdoing, not only on the part of the Trump campaign and administration, but also on the part of those current and former intelligence officials who willfully leaked classified and highly secret information to the media.

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