Can The Fuse To Economic Collapse Be Much Longer?

Can The Fuse To Economic Collapse Be Much Longer? by Rory, The Daily Coin

TDC Note – This article was originally published in January 2015. I updated some of the information and decided to republish to show the importance of gold and remind people of how little gold is in the vaults of the LBMA. All of this gold is now, primarily, in China but India and Russia have managed to pick up a few tons as well.


Listen very, very carefully to the first two minutes of this video. This is from one of the top tier prestitute medias. Ken is only allowed to say what his masters allow him to say.

How much more gold has left for China to fill those “2,000 metric ton vaults being built all over China” since this was recorded? What actions have you taken to protect your family?

It has been estimated, by Alasdair Macleod, that China could have as much as 25,000 tons of gold. We know China has a lot more gold than is officially reported to the IMF as over the past 4-5 years China has not exported one ounce of gold from internal mining operations. With an estimated annual production of 450 tons of gold that would be 1,800 tons gold in just 4 years. China’s current official gold holdings is 1,842.56 tons. Well, that’s odd, because since 2015 China began acquiring gold on the open market as reported by their monthly gold acquisitions through the IMF.

China Gold Reserves

So, the 1,800 or more tons of gold from internal mining operations would be in addition to the open market acquisitions bringing China’s total gold holdings to approximately 3,600 tons.

If you haven’t started, think about what is actually happening. The BRICS, along with The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, have there plans in place and their actions speak even louder than their plans.

Russia is working on the alternative to the SWIFT system (now complete and operational) and plans on launching it in May of this year. Brazilian President Rousseff is designing and building an internet system that operates outside the NSA, GOOGLE, Verizon, Apple run paradigm. China has already launched the BRICS Development Bank, with the equivalent of $100 BILLION backing (and has since launched, funded and are now operational, an entire network of banks to support the Belt and Road Initiative, gold acquisitions for BRICS, SCO and BRI just for starters) . These are three of the largest and most important countries that belong to both the SCO and the BRICS.

These are not theories these are actual working plans that are either fully developed, developing or are in the planning stages. There is actual funding for these projects as the East continues making headway to dislodge the Federal Reserve Note from the global trade platform. Once the Federal Reserve Note is removed, as the anchor for global trade, the U.S. government and U.S. economy will be in serious trouble. Not to worry as this is not going to happen over the coming weekend, but it is going to happen, and we in the West should be getting our financial house in order.

If we simply review the Western economy from a realistic perspective we can clearly see the our economy is not growing, it is not going to grow and the jobs are gone forever. With the Federal Reserve creating imaginary currency from an imaginary printer our economy has been propped up by an illusion that will soon unravel. The Chinese and Russians know this and is one of the main reasons for implementing these new financial systems that are outside of the U.S. based financial systems.

While gold and silver are both much lower than just a few years ago it may be a good time consider adding a little to your stack or begin a new stacking operation! Gold and silver have been money for thousands of years and that’s not going to change anytime soon, regardless of what the talking heads on TV or anyone else says. Just ask yourself this question – why have China and Russia been acquiring tons and tons, literally, of gold for the past several years – is it to make more jewelry or more gold coins or is it for the purpose of using gold as money in the future?


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