Fake Gold Reserves, Crypto Coins And GOP/DNC Drive Towards WWIII

Fake Gold Reserves, Crypto Coins And GOP/DNC Drive Towards WWIII from EMS News

The coup goes on.  The mainstream fake news got what it wanted: an investigation (hahaha) of Russia’s ties to Trump who tried to stop WWIII which Hillary made quite clear, she wanted.  It is the only reason I supported Trump in the election.  I do not want WWIII, never have, been against this ever since I was a child and we briefly stayed at the military base where the work on the nuclear bombs was going on way back in the mid-1950’s.  The adults there talked all the time about WWIII.  Today, I want to talk about yet another ‘crypto currency’, computer hackers and Russia.

We kids used to play ‘escape from the camp’ with the young guards and when they swept the night with spot lights, we would run around and duck and cover when the lights passed over us.  It was a rather strange memory.  Once, my mother forgot her pass when she left in the station wagon to go shopping and they wouldn’t let her in again until she was ID’ed.

This was during the ‘duck and cover’ days.  I’m sure readers over the age of 60 remember those drills. They were dropped years ago.  During the election, children were told to do it again.  I wrote several months ago how all of Russia had to practice this drill due to US war threats.

All children don’t have to do this nasty drill in the US.  Just kiddies living in obvious targets like New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, DC, of course, etc.  Detroit doesn’t have to worry.  They are no longer a target, our own rulers deliberately destroyed Detroit already.  Chicago will be annihilated.  I will note that most cities slated for being wiped out are run by Democrats.

I would have thought the Democrats would be very much against having WWIII, not eager to push it. The human ability to self-destruct is very powerful.  I puzzled over this fact all my long life.  Why do humans want to be killed off?

This brings us to the most horrible people now: global warming fanatics.  Are they, who think they are ‘liberals’ really want a nuclear winter?  Many, many top global warmists openly dream about killing off 90% of humanity (NOT themselves, of course).

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