East Conducts Business, West Conducts War

East Conducts Business, West Conducts War by Rory, The Daily Coin

TDC Note – In light of the just concluded Belt and Road Forum it seemed like a good time to republish this piece of information I wrote in September 2015. We were warning people then as we are warning them now. The system is changing and the Western world, and their hegemonic system is being left behind. Welcome to the Third World.


Who wouldn’t want to participate in a project which will tie together rail, road, internet and water routes? If your widget company had access to, say, over ten million potential new customers within next five years and another thirty million the following five years, wouldn’t you be excited about attending a convention to meet your competition, your new associate companies and the people creating the ties? Well, if you make plans now you can be on the front line. China-Russia Oct. expo aimed at unlocking billions of dollars in trade is a platform to bring these movers and shakers of the 21st century together. The doubled headed hydra of China and Russia are planning the next business expo in China.

In 2014 this expo, which is a meeting to bring together the current and future members of the New Silk Road, which is a major component of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), inked more than $3.1 BILLION in contracts. My guess is they will sign another $3 billion plus in contracts this year as well. President Xi Jinping has been promoting the New Silk Road for several years now. The contacts being signed are the fruits of all the cooperation between these various countries and various business’ to ensure their continued success. I wonder what percentage of American companies are participating and how many contracts will be signed.

According to the organizers China’s President Xi Jinping said in March that he hoped China’s annual trade with the countries involved in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative would surpass $2.5 trillion in a decade. Meanwhile, the expo organisers said on Saturday in Harbin that Russian firms with interests in various sectors like agriculture, chemicals, aviation and aerospace, banking and finance, and heavy industry and metallurgy, are attending the event. “The results of cooperation between China and Russia, especially in equipment manufacturing, science, technology and finance, will be featured during the event,” said E Zhongqi, the Chinese secretary general of the organizing committee of the 2nd China-Russia Expo. The expo will also attract businessmen from other countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Republic of Korea, India and Singapore.

Well, that’s interesting, the U.S. is not listed! Are there no American companies participating? Not enough instruments of surveillance, tyranny and death being offered? No one interested in crimes against humanity? Huh.

As is becoming my new mantra the East is conducting business while the West conducts war. When is the next US/UK Expo planned? What about the US/Mex/Can Expo planned? Why is it not being reported on and the details of the first or past expo’s being discussed? How much were the contracts worth and in what industries? How many jobs did they create? Where are these jobs?

Russia and China are the new/old enemy according to the mainstream media and their masters, the warmongers at the Pentagon and the criminals in Washington DC and Wall Street. Every time I turn around I am reading about another business venture between Russia and China while they are fending off the warmongers listed above. Not once has China or Russia retaliated to the saber rattling. Russia has recently sent troops to Syria to help the U.S. fight ISIS. What, the U.S. doesn’t WANT or NEED help fighting ISIS? What!?! Would that expose the fact that ISIS is merely the latest CIA boogie-man? No? Well if not, why have 50–yes 50 State Department associates come out and said ISIS is a made up false flag?

If you own a company and are looking to expand your market wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a US/Mex/Can Expo or a US/UK Expo or both? Would it potentially open new markets and customers? Would it potentially bring the countries closer together as they seek solutions and cooperation through trade? I’m not talking about NAFTA and another strip-mining operation of the remaining good paying jobs. I’m talking about a cooperative where companies, across borders, actually conduct business without all the business strangling regulations that benefit Warren Buffett types, GE types and the other oligarchy of this country.

Is it any wonder China, Russia and the other countries around the world are kicking our butts at every turn? The handful of people that own all the important U.S. land, U.S. business’ and resources simply write laws or ignore laws and steal everything the people own; everything.

Wishing the attendees of this years China-Russia Expo nothing but success and billions in new contracts for the coming years. Maybe one day the people of the U.S. will realize that conducting business is more productive than conducting war. Conducting business has the added benefit of your neighbors being less likely to want to kill you.

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