Fundamental Misconception About What Silver Is and How You Should Approach Exchanging Currency for Metal

Fundamental Misconception About What Silver Is and how you should approach exchanging currency for metal by quidproquocoins – Silver Seek

TDC Note – Below is a comment on the Silver Seek website for the latest Shadow of Truth. Silver Seek publishes a lot of our work so I always check the comments to see what people are saying or not saying!! This is a great explanation of money, corruption and our role as citizens. Please take the 3-5 minutes to read this really well thought-out comment.


There is a fundamental misconception about what silver is and how you should approach exchanging currency for metal. There was a time
when this confusion and dilemma did not exist. Gold and silver were the only accepted money. Either you had the gold or silver or you did not. There was no substitute for gold and silver. There was no surrogate for money. Then the economists and bankers got into social engineering and tried to fix a problem that would increase the velocity of money. As gold and silver were actual physical elements, they were difficult to exchange. There was a physical process involved with moving money from one person to the other.

Enter the magical invention of paper. A piece of paper could solve the corundum of moving money safely. Keep the gold and silver locked up
and use paper warrants that represented the actual physical money in the vault. What an excellent solution. Is there anyone out there that can see that using paper for metal might create more problems than it solved? Counterparty risk, fractional reserve, false warrants, counterfeiting or outright fraud by the issuing agencies.

Now we have what any honest and educated person would call a fiat system. The value is in the full faith and credit of the issuer. The Federal Reserve is…….wait a minute, what the hell is it? A government entity? A private bank? Or a political abomination that is nether or both. I believe that people are still willing to hold dollars for one reason. The United States Federal government owns huge tracts of land in this country. They
have shown no inclination to return this land to the people that are the true owners. This is a giant chunk of physical collateral against monstrous paper promises.

Gold and silver have been separated from their primary function as the only true and real money. Silver has been converted into a commodity,
and gold is now an investment device. But that is not true in either case. As long as we allow the Pirate Paper Ponzi Pharaohs Parade to keep this false narrative going, those that buy physical metals, will be slaves to the paper blizzard, three card monty, shell game that passes for the price discovery mechanism.

Gold & Silver are no longer recognized as money. That does not mean that we have to accept what the Pharaohs’ tell us about what gold and silver are or how we are supposed to use them. The primary function of precious metals today is as an insurance function. We look at our insurance portfolio in a completely different way than we perceive our investments. Insurance is protection from loss. Intended to make one whole, not for profit. It is protection from a fiat scheme. Those that use metals as insurance are in good shape. Those that poured all their liquidity into metals and have now seen a paper loss are trapped in the metal and cash poor. They wanted to make a killing and the only thing they killed was their own future.

There is no legitimate investment function for gold or silver. The valid function is as insurance. Do you cancel your life insurance because you can’t collect on it before you die? I think not. Insurance is for your family, not for you. Figure this out and you can disregard what the paper pirates do on a daily basis.

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