Jeff Clark | Gold & Silver Insider Views You WILL NOT HEAR on the News (Video)

Jeff Clark | Gold & Silver Insider Views You WILL NOT HEAR on the News Video – Reluctant Preppers

Jeff Clark, senior precious metal analyst at, bet against Harry Dent, who had claimed gold would crash through $750/oz on its way to $250… (Hint.. Harry paid up!) But is Gold a commodity or real money? Will deflation cause Gold to collapse? Is gold not real money because you can’t spend it at the grocery store? And what’s going on with the gold/silver ratio distortion – and what does it mean for you if you want to minimize risk while getting into gold or silver? Clark also reveals what his inside contacts are saying about high net-worth investors’ current and planned accumulation of gold & silver that you need to know and that you WILL NOT HEAR on the corporate media!

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Gold Demand Trend?
Retail demand for coins & bars in the Western hemisphere softer this quarter.
Small retail buyers price sensitive. Last year Q1 price spiked, demand spiked, runaway mode.
Soft retail demand is NOT a global phenomenon: at or near record demand in Britain, India, Russia, China.
Insider #1 insight: High-net-worth investors are wanting a hedge against stocks, geopolitical conflicts, and inflation.
Institutional world showing greater interest in past 3-6 months:
Insider #2 insight: Deep hands accumulating gold, and will continue buying throughout any coming crisis & price ramp.

Natural Law Reality Check
Stock Market at all-time highs
Interest rates at all-time lows
Real-estate near all-time highs, bubble territory,
VIX at a 10-year low
Trump’s inflationary policies
Likely geopolitical conflicts
Late in the longest economic expansion in history
Balance sheet becoming decouple from natural relationship with gold & silver

Gold/Silver Ratio – What’s Going On & What Does it Foretell?
Gold currently expensive in relation to silver: Gold/Silver just went over 75. 80 & above is a clear range for extreme opportunity to buy silver.
Favors appreciation potential of Silver going forward!

If gold & silver are good buys, why are GoldSilver and other bullion dealers willing to sell now?

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