The Revolt of the Masses

The Revolt of the Masses by Addison Wiggins – Daily Reckoning

Comment ça marche?

It’s a French phrase meaning “How does that work?”

Well, it doesn’t really. Especially when we’re talking about politics or economics. The whole world is a mess… and you know it.

Today, we’re going to give you a special trade. It’s special for a couple of reasons.

One, it’s free.

It’s free because no one wants to “own” it. Even if it pays off 10-to-1. Jim Rickards won’t take it. Simone Wapler of our Paris office won’t take it.

Those are two of the smartest people I know on the planet who are looking at this trade like it’s dirt.

But let’s think a bit. What do we do around here?

We take chances. We look at things a bit differently than the brain-dead we find on TV. We figure you do too.

And hence, we thought you might want to take a shot on our free trade offer.

It might be a long shot. No. It is a long shot.

But if you’re an adrenaline junkie and willing to go against the grain, you might just like this one.

To set it up, we remind you that both Jim Rickards and Simone Wapler called Brexit… they both called the Trump win… and now this odd epoch of political discord we’re living through.

And their readers profited from their predictions.

Today’s trade is, functionally, what Jim calls an “asymmetric trade.” That means all the bets are on one side of the trade. The other side is cheap — really cheap — because no one wants to stick their neck out and put their money there.

Right now in France, everyone thinks the “independent centrist” (and former banker) Emmanuel Macron is going to win the election on Sunday.

Everyone. Including Jim and Simone.

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