Apocalypse Now?

Apocalypse Now?

Apocalypse Now? By Jason Hanson – LFB.org

Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader,

This week’s mailbag covers an emergency water source in your backyard, how to win at poker and what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

Let’s get started.

I still cannot close my NOC Knife; can you send me clear instructions?

— John O.

The NOC Knife is incredibly strong, and to make it as strong as possible, my team and I made it a fixed-blade knife — meaning you can’t close or fold the knife. By creating a fixed-blade knife, we can use it for many different tasks where a typical folding knife would break or fail.

I have two unrelated questions . . .

1) I have a hot tub that holds 450 gallons of water treated with chlorine. Any reason why I couldn’t consider that to be my “emergency water supply” — as long as I filter the water before I drink it?

2) In terms of situational awareness, how were you taught to defend yourself if you were attacked while in the men’s room standing at the urinal relieving yourself?? I’ve always wondered what I would do if that happened.

— John H.

To answer your first question, John, I always recommend considering your pool or hot tub as a bonus water source, but don’t completely depend on it in an emergency — it’s no substitute for being prepared.

What I mean is a treated hot tub full of water can absolutely be used as drinking water — if you use a filter. But you should also have a supply of drinking water stored in your home. I like the WaterBrick water storage system. Each unit is light, strong and stackable, so they’re easy to store.

WaterBricks also have many practical and recreational uses. Click here to find out how to get your own set of these amazing containers so you can be ready for any emergency.

Regarding your second question, John, when it comes to situational awareness in the restroom, one thing I recommend is using the urinal on the end next to the wall so you know no one can attack you from that direction.

Stay alert and pay attention to who is walking toward you without looking around too much. Obviously, you don’t want to be constantly looking at everyone in the bathroom, because it may come across as odd, but you can’t completely let your guard down.

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