Antarctica: The Cheerleader from Chile

Antarctica: The Cheerleader from Chile by Bankster Slayer – Rogue Money

[This] is the true significance of the swastika, seen world-wide, from the Far East to the Far West, which is intrinsically the “sign of the Pole.” It was supposed to defeat and replace the cross, just as neo-paganism would defeat and replace Christianity.’ — David Livingstone, “Black Terror, White Soldiers,” page 276.

In the previous sixth episode of this Antarctica series, I presented a timeline of events related to the interest in, and exploration of, our most southern continent. Antarctica is an odd magnet that attracts both scientific study as well as fiercely devoted esoteric belief. In this episode, let’s take a look at how an undying faith in the long-denied heritage of an elite race of superhumans headquartered in Antarctica persisted long after World War II and is still going strong today. Near the end of this chapter we’ll also touch on the physical evidence picked up by Antarctica’s international science stations that indicated that the Nazi connection to the South Pole is being closely monitored.

Hitler’s Cheerleader from Chile

One of the leading figures of the post-war “Esoteric Hitlerism” doctrine is Miguel Serrano. This man died barely eight years ago but his influence and books are very much alive today. Serrano served as Chile’s ambassador to India and to several other countries during the Cold War era. In fact, all of the countries that he served in the diplomatic field have connections to these Aryan legends that connect the dots between the Germanic peoples and their ancestral migrations through central Asia and Tibet.

Miguel Serrano, author of various books about Hitler, Antarctica, and esoterica. He also served on behalf of Chile in a diplomatic capacity and even served as Chile’s representative to the International Atomic Energy Commission. He died February 28, 2009. (Photo: Wikipedia)

In the book, “Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival,” author Joscelyn Godwin writes a very comprehensive summary of Serrano’s role in the propagation of the idea that the technocratic heritage of the Aryan race is bound up with the ancient race of Nordic Supermen or what Bible readers would interpret as “Nephilim” or Fallen Angels. That book is available in printed form here.

“Serrano is a major figure, which makes it all the more important to know what really lies behind his polished and poetic work,” says Godwin. The translated title of Serrano’s book, published as recently as 1984, is “Adolf Hitler, the Last Avatar.” He was born in Chile in 1917 and was a firm believer in the “Hitler Survived” meme. Serrano maintained that Hitler escaped Berlin and assumed an existence away from the public eye in an underground base in Antarctica. From his headquarters in the land of the South Pole, Hitler switched gears from directing an “exoteric” war to an “esoteric” one.

Serrano’s version of the Aryan history traces its roots to “beings who arrived on earth from outside the galaxy and founded the First Hyperborea” in the extreme northern hemisphere, the Arctic regions. This land of Hyperborea (aka Thule) existed outside the rulership of the so-called Minor God, or Demiurge, an evil, lesser god promoted by the Semitic peoples in their Old Testament and known as Yahweh (or Jehovah, in its Anglicized transliteration.)

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