‘Apocalyptic Skies’ Leave An ‘Atmospheric Inferno’ – Another Warning Sign Of Things To Come?

‘Apocalyptic Skies’ Leave An ‘Atmospheric Inferno’ – Another Warning Sign Of Things To Come? by Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

In this new story from Dane Wigington over at his GeoEngineering Watch website he reports that completely unnatural square cloudformations continue to appear off of the North American west coast as a result of “solar radiation management” (SRM) programs and their goal to create, expand, enhance, and chemically cool (via chemical ice nucleation processes) cloud cover over the surface of the planet.

A primary goal of those who push ‘global warming‘, Wigington has long warned that the unintended consequences of programs designed to ‘mitigate the perceived effects’ of global warming have had disastrous ramifications all across our planet. Pointing out within his story the recently taken NASA satellite image seen below showing weather formations with 90 degree angles with straight sides that do not exist naturally in nature, he reports these formations are more proof the aerosol spraying assault and massive microwave manipulation of atmospheric moisture has continued to accelerate.

And as we see in the photographs and videos within this story, our atmosphere is now under a massive ‘solar radiation’ assault with our videographers showing us proof we’re living in a struggling atmosphere where artificial outdoor color is fading fast while natural disasters and chemtrailing programs have left startling images of apocalyptic skies.


In this new story over at  ‘From The Trenches World Report’ they report Congress has published irrefutable evidence of chemtrails with even more bombshell proof of ‘electronic, psychotronic and information’ weapons, as well as plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultra-sonic weapons, and it once again ‘slipped by’ the American people.

While for those who’ve been getting their information from the independent media and read books such as Steve Quayle’s “Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters” and are aware of the years worth of weather modification patents documented by Dane Wigington, the news isn’t the least bit surprising, yet tens of millions of Americans still remain completely unaware about what’s being sprayed into the air over our heads.

Still labeled ‘conspiracy theory’ by CNN and other ‘fake news’ outlets, each and every day we get more and more proof that something very sinister is happening in our skies and we see absolute proof of the breakdown of our atmosphere and the mass amounts of solar radiation hitting our planet in the first video below from videographer MrMBB333.

In his first video we get proof that solar radiation is crushing artifical outdoor color, and it’s fading fast, as we see outdoor stop signs changed from red to ‘white’ by solar radiation. Telling us this is more proof we’re living in a ‘struggling atmosphere’, our videographer also agrees with Wigington that this massive solar radiation is likely one of the reasons they’ve been spraying our skies.


Our videographer also shares with us in the 2nd video below some of the amazing pictures seen within this story of the skies in Costa Rica between two erupting volcanoes showing what he calls ‘apocalyptic skies’. Chemtrailed skies in Pennsylvania have been similarly ‘apocalyptic’. Are these skies more signs of things to come?

Our videographer also shares with us the fact that according to his earthquake app, big energy is still on the move as he warns us to ‘expect big things to come’. Telling us it’s clear we’re witnessing an ‘atmospheric inferno’, he also shares this great advice: during these uncertain times, be brave, be strong, be wise and be ready.

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