Russia Claims It Can Wipe Out US Navy With Single “Electronic Bomb.”

Russia Claims It Can Wipe Out US Navy With Single “Electronic Bomb.” by Pamela Williams – IWB

Russia is coming after the United States it seems.  We have two incidents to talk about.  First I want to post the video from FOX NEWS on the latest news on Russia.

Now we have today’s news:

  1. Russia claims it can wipe out US Navy with single “electronic bomb.”
  2. Russian bombers fly near Alaska; Air Force flies and scrambles for 12 minutes.


Lets look at incident 1.  Russia has claimed it can disable the entire US Navy in one fell swoop using powerful electronic signal jamming.  A news report from the country claims the technology could render planes, ships, and missiles useless.  Wow, if this is true, and I have no idea…what chance would we have against them if we went to war?  I know there are some experts on IWB, who would actually know this.

Right now, I am questioning this news coming out of Russia.  The report says, “Today, our Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops can detect and neutralize any target from a ship’s system and a radar, to a satellite.”  The report claims a Russian war plane flew several times around American destroyer the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea several years ago, disabling it systems and leaving it helpless.  If this is true, whoa….bad news.

The report goes on to say they are capable of creating electronic jamming domes over their own bases that make them invisible on radar screens.  Speaking of Russian bases, the new base at the Arctic is something out of a science fiction movie.  I just watched the video on it, and I will post it on this thread for you at the end.

This statement I do not understand:  The report says, “You don’t need to have expensive weapons to win – powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.”  Are you telling me, this equipment and ability   is not expensive?  Does the US have it, too?  If not, why not?

This news comes, of course, after President Trump’s operation on the Korean Peninsula.  We now know that the USS Carl Vinson is in the sea of Japan and will not actually be in the Korean waters until a week.  I think most of us know that the US is in conflict with Russia at this time over the Syrian incident and the North Korean incident.  Russia is not happy with us, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said our relationship with Russia is at an all time low.

Published on Apr 19, 2017

Now lets look at incident 2. A pair of Russian nuclear-capable bombers flew near Alaska Monday night, two U.S. officials told Fox News, coming as close as 100 miles from Kodiak Island — the first time since President Trump took office that Moscow has sent bombers so close to the U.S.

The two Russian Tu-95 “Bear” bombers flew roughly 280 miles southwest of Elmendorf Air Force Base, within the Air Defense Identification Zone of the United States.

The U.S. Air Force scrambled two F-22 stealth fighter jets and an E-3 airborne early warning plane to intercept the Russian bombers.

The American jets flew alongside the Russian bombers for 12 minutes, before the Russian bombers reversed course and headed back to their base in eastern Russia.

Last week in Moscow, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said U.S.-Russian relations were at a “low point” while sitting next to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

While Tillerson was in Moscow, three Russian bombers flew near the east coast of Japan, forcing the Japanese military to scramble 14 fighter jets at various times to intercept the bombers. A Russian spy plane also flew along Japan’s west coast.

The last time Russian bombers flew near the U.S. was July 4, 2015, when a pair of Russian bombers flew off the coasts of Alaska and California, coming as close as 40 miles to Mendocino, Calif.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called then-President Barack Obama to wish him a happy Independence Day while the bombers cruised the California coastline.

All I can say is this is not good.  But what is good for the United States militarily right now?  Not much that I can see.


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