Sustainable Food Could be Key to Improving Our Health

Sustainable Food Could be Key to Improving Our Health by Jackie Edwards for The Daily Coin

TDC Note – Jackie will providing The Daily Coin with exclusive health related articles. Her work has been featured on Natural News and here at The Daily Coin and we are very grateful and very proud to feature this work.


Buy local, buy organic, but pesticide free, and buy sustainable. These are slogans for saving the planet through agricultural reform. Better for the soil, reduces pollution, gets rid of nitrate run off, the desolation of aquifers, removes huge slurry pits, and lets animals live better, healthier lives before filling our plates. However, as the documentary Sustainable, demonstrates, sustainable food is actually better for us as human beings too – it’s better for our health and matches a movement away from mass produced rubbish toward seasonal, healthy, chemical free food.

Bake Us Our Daily Bread

Today’s bread contains 50+ different ingredients. Many of them have obscure chemical names and their precise effects and benefits are only known to chemists brewing them up in labs. Traditional bread, however, needs just 5 ingredients. That’s all. Furthermore, sustainable bread is left to ferment and prove for longer, making it healthier for our bodies and allowing more nutrients from the grains and flour to get inside us. For many people, the prime example of a sustainable food source might be a pesticide free crop, but breads are the main staple of most of the world and currently have a bad reputation in the West. However, they could be so much better if we let them.

Going Seasonal, but Still Needing Imports

One side effect of moving into a sustainable food system is seasonality. Some parts of the world, those closer to the equator, are good for growing all year round while others, in the north have different growing seasons. As a consumer, but also as a home cook and person looking after their diet, it becomes important to understand when different produce is in season locally. For example, to know about cabbages and brussel sprouts in winter or strawberries in July. By knowing this, you know what foods you should not be buying out of season – these will be imports which are not fresh and have travelled a great distance. Those in season are more likely to be locally produced and sourced.

Sustainable Food and Public Health

Diet is just one part of a good, healthy lifestyle. Clean living and plenty of exercise are also vital elements not to be forgotten. A good lifestyle can be broken down into good habits such as restrained drinking and not smoking, to walking more, socializing more, gardening, enjoying nature, relaxing, meditating, and of course exercising. You do not have to buy an expensive gym pass to get in shape either – even doing a few spins on a bike machine at home will help improve your health enormously.

Research by the University of North Carolina is looking into changes in public health caused by moving to a more sustainable diet. This is at first being defined as food produced within 100 miles of a person’s home. There are many reasons to suspect a long term benefit of eating sustainable food because of fewer chemicals, fresher produce, and a reduction in mass produced and processed foods. Only time and further studies will prove or disprove whether sustainable food really does have a long term benefit on us as well as the environment.

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