Julian Assange DESTROYS The CIA In EPIC Response To Mike Pompeo (Video)

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Julian Assange DESTROYS The CIA In EPIC Response To Mike Pompeo Video – WAM

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent public criticism of Julian Assange by CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Assange’s response.
Trump’s new CIA Director claimed that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden were basically public enemy number one and that they were frauds and state actors for Russia who don’t care about civil liberties.

Assange fired back with a series of Tweets which implicated the CIA in criminal activity around the world, calling the CIA the “State Non-Intelligence Agency”

This all follows Julian Assange’s message a few days earlier regarding the importance of President Dwight Eisenhower’s farwell speech which warns of the dangers of the military industrial complex.

Once again, this shift by the Trump administration shows how easily the deep state can take a hold of a presidency regardless of the intentions of the president himself.

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This isn’t a secluded incident. Trump said he “loved” Wikileaks during the election, and now the new CIA director is targeting Wikileaks. Trump constantly destroyed the CIA in the media during the election, now he praises them. He went as far as claiming he wanted to do away with NATO during the election, now he praises them. He called out the Federal Reserve during the election and now he’s praising the Fed alongside Janet Yellen herself. He called out China as a currency manipulator and now he says they aren’t when they clearly are. He stood against destabilizing the middle east during the election, now he’s causing instability with Russia. He said we shouldn’t be the policeman of the world and he stood for Americanism not globalism during the election, now he’s saying he’s the president of not just the United State of America but also the world.

He went in a matter of a week from being trashed by warhawk globalists Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Chuck Schumer to now being praised by the bad bunch.

When will people learn that Presidents have no power. They become puppets immediately.

Many people have been calling us “leftists” for calling out the growth of the military industrial complex. We are literally outside of the circular spectrum. We are voluntaryists/libertarians. Unlike these so-called conservatives, we don’t support big government. We don’t support massive global government most of all!

We figured we’d troll them a bit and call them leftists in this video considering that’s all they seem to know how to say to us in the comments.
Most of these people were calling out Hillary Clinton for the same things they’re praising Trump for now and we’re just being consistent here at WAM while people once again become comfortable with apathy and then history simply repeats itself as it always has.

Interestingly, the same people calling us leftists are supporting policies that the socialist Venezuelan government supports. Talk about hypocrisy.

We will continue to cover this insanity as it unfolds. Stay tuned!

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