Reuters/MSM Trick ZH, Drudge with Joint Russia-Iran ‘Red Line’ Statement That Wasn’t

Reuters/MSM Trick ZH, Drudge with Joint Russia-Iran ‘Red Line’ Statement That Wasn’t by

TDC Note – Unfortunately, we picked up the story, yesterday, from Zerohedge. We have, once again, fell prey to Zerohedge’s desire to slap headlines around without fact checking. This is becoming too routine for the ZH Team. Who’s controlling the narrative?


Russia and Iran didn’t issue a statement saying what Zerohedge and DrudgeReport unfortunately were tricked into reporting that they said…

Peter Lavelle, Alexander Mercouris and the team at The Duran have denounced as fake a report circulated by Reuters, the UK Sunday Express and The Independent, as well as Israel’s Haaretz newspaper stating that Russia and Iran had issued a joint communique after Friday’s Tomahawk missile strike threatening retaliation for further U.S. aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic. In the latest example of #fakenews traveling around the world before the truth can get its boots on, leading new media aggregators Zerohedge and the big headline popping Drudge Report followed the legacy media’s lead in presenting the Arabic-language document as authentic.

Фейк Новости:
Someone’s Putting Words in Putin’s Mouth the Russian Government Didn’t Say

The giveaway that the document may have had a non-Arab or Russo-Iranian-Syrian coalition source was in its use of the American-ism ‘red lines’ which gave the Drudge Report its latest Cold War 2.0 heating up headline:

A fake news story has been circulating on both mainstream media and alt-media saying that Russia and Iran have issued a joint threat to ‘use force’ in the event of the US targeting Syrian forces again. It was also reported that the issue was quoted as being a ‘red line’, a term generally used by the United States…

The Sunday Express and Zero Hedge both cite something called  Ilam al Harbi media as the source of information for the story.

A quick English language Google search for ‘Ilam al Harbi’ comes up with several articles from Yemen Press, none of which lead to a story about the Putin/Rouhani phone call or anything else concerning Russia/Iranian responses to the US attack on Syria.

Additionally there is a Saudi based telecom company called al-Harbi whose website can be found here. It is not a news website in any way shape or form.

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