150,000 Chinese Troops Mass on N. Korean Border (Video)

150,000 Chinese Troops Mass on N. Korean Border Video – Bill Still

According to several sources, 150,000 Chinese troops are massing on the northern border of North Korea at this hour. That’s almost as many US Marines as there are totally, or half as many in either the US Navy or Air Force.
The show of force came just one day after the Chinese Premier met with President Trump in Florida and even Trump’s most die-hard skeptics have taken a pause in their criticisms and conspiracy theories of the past few days.
In addition, a US Navy aircraft carrier strike group has been turned around as it was headed for a port call in Australia and ordered to make haste to a new position expected to be somewhere between Japan and North Korea. The strike group includes the 1092-foot long Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class carrier which houses 60 aircraft and 5,000 personnel.
The move comes as North Korea has announced that it will test its latest atomic bomb. Will President Trump, the master strategist take it out before hand? No one knows but the Trumpster.
China is playing the PR game in an interesting way. According to a China Xinhau News release:
“China calls for restraint and avoiding anything that escalates tensions in Korean Peninsula.”
In other words, China has moved an entire army to the N. Korean border to do just what? They certainly aren’t threatening US forces.
According to the Navy Times:
“Announcing carrier movements in advance is rare, and generally done to send a clear message.”
“The move is designed to send a message to North Korea and to increasingly nervous allies such as Japan and South Korea that the U.S. is ready to defend them.”
Korean leader, Kim Jong Un has launched a half dozen missiles since President Trump took office in January. Experts are warning that N. Korea is getting closer to producing a nuclear-tipped missile system able to reach the United States. Its missiles are already capable of striking Japan and South Korea.
Therefore, the U.S. and South Korea have deployed a new anti-missile system called THAAD – Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system. These were deployed recently over strenuous Chinese opposition.
But the Carl Vinson may house a few surprises as well – namely, Top Secret weapons development projects never before tested in a battle space.
In another development, military analysts are tracking N. Korean development of solid rocket motors that can enable a launch with very short notice. That development, combined with deployable nuclear warheads are seen as unacceptable risks for the free world.
China has been pushing the U.S. to engage in direct diplomacy with Kim’s government to try to get them to halt their nuke development programs, but apparently, President Trump has determined that “nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven” and the Carl Vincent strike group’s carrier escorts say it best by carrying over 300 missile tubes, many of which can – no doubt – be armed with a variety of hydrogen and tactical low-yield neutron weaponry.
The risks of an unprovoked attack, though, are enormous. According to the Navy Times:
“A punitive strike from the U.S. could trigger an invasion of the south by North Korea’s force of more than a million soldiers.”
Therefore, the initial force of 150,000 Chinese on their northern border isa threat that no military tactician will take lightly.

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