CHAOS ERUPTS IN VENEZUELA – Masses Come Out In Force & They Are Pissed (Video)

CHAOS ERUPTS IN VENEZUELA – Masses Come Out In Force & They Are Pissed Video – Elite NWO Agenda

Venezuela may have reversed the ruling that stripped the National Assembly of its legislative powers, but that does not mean democracy has been restored.

In the December 2015 elections, after 17 years of so-called hyper inflation hyperinflation “revolution”, the opposition coalition won 112 seats in the 167-seat National Assembly, while the pro-government party retained 55 seats. The ballot had a turnout of 74.17%, and was organised by the same national electoral council (CNE) that had overseen previous elections won by the government party. There was no doubt, then, that the vote was fair and that the opposition had received a clear mandate for change.

However, every single law approved since then by the National Assembly has been blocked by the government of president Nicolás Maduro and by his cronies in the supreme court. On multiple occasions, opposition legislators

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Venezuelan consumer prices rose 700 percent while the economy contracted by 18.6 percent, according to preliminary central bank figures seen by Reuters, the sharpest contraction in 13 years and the worst inflation reading on record.

The extended slump in oil prices has turned the OPEC nation’s once-prosperous oil-boom economy into a mirror of the latter day Soviet Union, with rampant product shortages leading leaving to skip meals and wait hours in food lines.

Venezuela’s opposition-led congress has started publishing the country’s inflation rate based on its own data collection, as the government of President Nicolas Maduro remains silent about the crisis-stricken nation’s soaring consumer prices. Venezuela’s economy has been in free fall since the 2014 collapse of oil prices, which left the socialist economic system unable to maintain an elaborate system of subsidies and price controls that functioned during the oil boom years. Consumers can sometimes obtain basic goods at low-cost prices by waiting for hours in supermarket lines but increasingly have to buy such goods from smugglers on informal markets for more than 10 times the officially mandated prices.

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