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First – I hope this video gets shared far and wide. The best way to deal with the left, no matter where they may lurk, is simply to shine the light on them. The left hates the light because it contains things like truth. When confronted with the truth of any kind they scurry into the shadows like the cockroaches they are in order to escape it.

But more importantly, the reason Tommy is able to do what he does and why he just got away with this “stunt” is because he is consistent. He talks about reality and what is happening around him, and he doesn’t stray from it. He acts with integrity by and large, and although I don’t know the man personally and have no doubt he has said and done things that he himself regrets (as we all have) he appears to do this thing called “learning”. And because he speaks the truth while admitting his own errors all while learning more and more he is becoming an almost unstoppable weapon of the right.

The only way the left will be able to get this guy to shut up and stop bringing more and more folks ‘on side’ is to literally end him. Which is always a bad idea, since what follows is usually more dangerous that what you just got rid of. And of course, in this day and age, evening ‘joking’ about doing such a thing can get you five minutes of fame on “The Rebel”.


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