Silver – The Window Of Opportunity is [Permanently?] Closing Fast.

Silver – The Window Of Opportunity is [Permanently?] Closing Fast. by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus

We just found this article in Draft status, never published.  Not sure if we failed to hit the “publish” button and forgot about it, or not?  While slightly more than a month old, it is still relevant.

Tuesday  14 February 2017

The single most question most people ask or want to know is where will silver be in a week or month and when?  We gave up asking that question over three years ago after realizing that 2014’s movement in silver would not be much different than 2013, and we repeated this observation for 2015 and 2016.  It is now 2017.  The number of forecasters/market experts that were calling for considerably higher prices during those years was legion, yet silver remains closer to its recent bottom without having made a sustained rally to those widely anticipated much higher levels.

Will silver ever reach considerably higher prices?  The temptation is to issue a resounding “Absolutely!”, but nothing is guaranteed.  The known supply and demand for silver [and gold] has been out of kilter for years.  Silver and gold [all Precious Metals] are the only markets that do not reflect reality.  The supply has never been smaller relative to insatiable demand while prices continue to languish near their recent lows.  Yet, asking where the price of silver will be in the future is totally missing the point.

The more pertinent question that should be uppermost in everyone’s mind is, “Will I be able to buy silver [and gold] in the near future at any price?!”  There is currently a war on cash being waged, ostensibly to “fight terrorism,” but in reality, it is the globalists that are eliminating cash and along with it, individual rights, freedom, and privacy.

The globalists in charge of the world’s fiat currencies will not tolerate competition and have done everything to prevent the only form of true money from interfering with their fiat Ponzi scheme of trafficking in worthless paper, now mostly digitalized substitutes.  By eliminating cash, you will have no financial privacy because all of your transactions will be tracked and monitored [expect your taxes to increase], be subject to negative interest rates, [a form of government confiscation of your money], and also be subject to bail-ins as the banks steal your “money” in order to cover up their losses from all the risks associated with their bad lending practices and even greater, unfathomable derivative exposure.

All profits are taken by the banks.  All losses are socialized onto the people.

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