EU trying to poach UK banks and businesses following invoking of Article 50

EU trying to poach UK banks and businesses following invoking of Article 50 by  – Rogue Money

In the wake of Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement last week that the UK was intending to invoke Article 50 on March 29, the bureaucrats in Brussels have responded with a number of demands intended to both isolate the island nation, and threaten their economic viability through their decision to move outside the coalition.

The submission of Article 50 is just the first step in what is expected to be up to two years of negotiation that will deal with a number of issues that include trade agreements, access to banking facilities, investment and capital, and of course how the EU will deal with the UK on a political scale since Brussels prefers to speak for all member nations as a whole rather than allowing individual members to make their own agreements with countries outside the Union.

Needless to say, the European Commission has not been accepting the reality that a member state would actually leave the Union very well, and has been publicly trying to extort, blackmail, coerce, and even threaten Britain into backtracking on the historic decision their people voted for last June.  And from here we have seen a number of different demands from a myriad of sources that seek to hamstring the UK, and limit any potential gains they might achieve from moving out from under the authority of the Brussels bureaucracy.

Jean-Claude Juncker and the Divorce Tax for leaving the EU

Jean-Claude Juncker is the leader of the European Commission, and is the epitome of a politician who never had a real job after getting his law degree back in 1979.  And it was in great part through his maneuvering while holding several different positions within the EU over the past 20 years that has led the once economic union to morph into a political one that quite often dominates the individual sovereignty of each of the coalition’s member states.

So it should probably come as no surprise that Juncker appears to have taken the UK’s Brexit vote as a personal affront against himself, and the agenda he has sought to create for the EU.  And in response on March 24 Juncker is demanding a ‘Divorce Tax’ of £50 billion for the right to leave the Union.

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