CNN & Fake News Hid the Fact 30% of Latinos Voted Trump – Miguel Guardado (Video)

CNN & Fake News Hid the Fact 30% of Latinos Voted Trump – Miguel Guardado Video

Watchout becuase this interview we’re talking politics and we may offend some sensitive liberals with this one. A new guest is on today to discuss America’s immigration system, the Trump Presidency and the agenda to flood America with illegal immigrants to push the country more left wing.

02:15 Trump had enough Latino Support to Win
03:40 Why do Immigrants vote Liberal in America?
06:50 Is Conservatism losing the Long-Term Battle
10:00 Push for Illegal Immigration brings Wages Lower
13:10 Middle Class hurting from Illegal Immigration
14:15 Amnesty Could cause the End of America
20:00 People coming here for Economic Freedom
23:50 How to fix US Current Immigration System?

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