Pens vs Swords – It’s Still A Thing

Pens vs Swords – It’s Still A Thing by Rory, The Daily Coin

This past week, really since Wikileaks Vault 7 data dump occurred, the giants in the surveillance industrial complex – Google, You Tube and Facebook – have begun to turn the levers of oppression to the point of running people out of YouTube, close their Facebook accounts and stop using all aspects of Google. Is this good, bad or indifferent? It doesn’t really matter unless these people are making changes for the wrong reasons.

Rainbows, unicorns and cute Kittens – R.U.C.K.s Report – I already have the youtube channel. This is what it is coming to. We have to learn how to play the new game, wear the proper camouflage and speak the language of criminals – real language, not twitter or text language and use it to our advantage – exactly the same way lawyers, criminal congress and criminal banksters use language to their advantage. Unless we do this the criminal oppressors will continue winning. How? Simply re-write the rules, using language that no one can decipher. Just as we have turned the tide the on the narrative we must now turn the tide on how the narrative continues to move forward and continues to steamroll the lies, deceit and propaganda. We can do it, we have the tools, we have the knowledge and we have the resources – we just need to point them slightly off center from their direction today.

Language has always been a primary weapon of oppression and freedom. “The pen is mightier than the sword.” is a saying as old as pens and swords. This is what scares the ruling and banking class more than anything. This is the reason why the oppressors are attacking websites, videos and all manner of “the pen”. They are not attacking us with bombs or guns they are making it so our “pen” is no longer visible. This is how we know we are winning. This is why, right now, it is so important for us to, not only, continue telling the truth and spreading liberty we must go full bore and crush the oppressors in a tidal wave of information. Not just information but information that uses language the algorithms can’t see as coming from their “enemy” but sees a language that comes from the “good guys”.

We can win this battle and we can win this war, but in order to give ourselves a chance we must learn how to use language to our advantage. If we overlook this vital weapon we will surely lose our lives. The people that have been stripping us of our liberty, our wealth and our freedom know all too well the power of language and have honed their skills throughout their entire lives. We do not have that luxury so we must become a quick study.

There is no need to shut down our YouTube channels, Facebook accounts or gmail accounts, we need to see the battlefield in a new light and begin using new weapons against our enemies. Unless dictionaries and thesaurus’  are outlawed we can retrain ourselves to beat the criminals at their own game. We have already done it once by meeting them head-on with truth in the face of lies, facts in the face of deceit and liberty in the face of propaganda. Making a slight adjustment to the manner in which we deliver the information will be no issue what so ever.

In the video below Brad, from Full Spectrum Survival discusses what has recently happened at his YouTube channel. He has already made one adjustment to beat the criminal oppressors and during our upcoming interview – Friday March 31 – we will get into what is discussed above.

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