“V” & CJ – Obama “Smoking Gun”, WL Dark Matter & Russian SWIFT (Video)

“V” & CJ – Obama “Smoking Gun”, WL Dark Matter & Russian SWIFT Video

TDC Note – The Russian alternative to the SWIFT system has been under development since the U.S. used their one and only monetary SWIFT bullet when they fired it squarely at Iran in 2011. The U.S. cut off Iran to the SWIFT system and caused their currency to devalue by 40% overnight. Iran was forced to cut deals using gold with China and Russia by settling with gold in Turkey. This created some serious hardships for the people and the government. Russia, followed by China, begin immediately developing their own monetary settlement systems. This is a crushing blow to the Federal Reserve Note. Countries are no longer enslaved by the Federal Reserve Note and are now free to use any other currency and create international trade outside the “world reserve currency”. This could begin a flood of Federal Reserve Notes back to the U.S. adding to, the already building, inflation.

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