James Walchuck: Massive Infrastructure Build-Out to Fuel Global Economy (Video)

James Walchuck: Massive Infrastructure Build-Out to Fuel Global Economy (Video)

There is hardly an American adult that hasn’t heard of Trump’s plan for massive infrastructure build-out. Well, hardly any American adult has heard of the SCO, EEU, BRICS or the One Belt One Road (OBOR – New Silk Road) project and the just announced 24 Mega Green City build-out unfolding in India. China is fueling the OBOR project, with her massive currency reserves, combined with the interest payments from the U.S.

The 24 Mega Green City infrastructure project in India was placed squarely on my radar during an interview with James Walchuck,, President and CEO of ZincOne Resources. Jim explained India is planning on connecting Delhi with Mumbai and creating a corridor of commerce and 21st century technologies and amenities.

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Mr. WalChuck sent me the following that explains the project a little better

As a rapidly developing country, India still makes heavy use of fossil fuels (especially coal) — however in recent years it has worked to diversify its energy supplies and make its infrastructure ‘greener’. The largest infrastructure project currently underway in the country is the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, and India just announced that it plans to build 24 ‘green cities‘ as part of the development.

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The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor is a major infrastructure project that India is developing with Japan. The project will upgrade nine mega industrial zones as well as the country’s high-speed freight line, three ports, and six airports. A 4,000 MW power plant and a six-lane intersection-free expressway will also be constructed, which will connect the country’s political and financial capitals. The DMIC project is already underway and it will cover six states — Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Source

Please keep in mind this is on top of the already committed and under construction solar power project that we have reported on for the past two years. The solar project is well on its way to powering 300 million homes.

This new project, that has been flying completely under the radar, fits perfectly with India’s new role as a serious economic powerhouse. I am not saying they are an economic powerhouse today, but as this new project comes online along with the fact that India is a major component of the OBOR, SCO, BRICS and, by default the EEU, their economy should explode over the next two decades as more and more of the citizens begin to climb the economic ladder.

This bodes well for the resources sector, mining, of most commodities – the big ones anyway, iron ore (steel), copper, zinc and silver. As we reported in January of this year, China must now replace most if not all of the iron ore she had acquired due to bad storage techniques. The stock pile has been lost to damage.

If President Trump doesn’t get the infrastructure buildout started in the U.S. we are going to be at the bottom of the economic ladder in short order – before most of the people reading this pass on to the next life our world will completely change. If President Trump somehow manages to get an infrastructure bill signed and funded it will mean an even great strain on global resources. If anyone thinks our current state of economic affairs is not going to radical change within the next few short years, you had better begin doing some research.

China, India and Russia are all doing business while the U.S. continues to do war. China is making friends and the U.S. is making enemies and attempting to enslave nations. China is partnering, realistically, with the nations the U.S. and the U.K. were attempting to strong-arm into the, now defunct, TPP alliance.

The pace is quickening, we have but limited time to make decisions about our future and the chaos in Washington DC makes for great theater, however, it doesn’t put food on our table and needed resources at our fingertips. China, India and Russia are all doing business while the U.S. and Europe are doing war. The countries that need the resources will acquire them and they will flourish. It doesn’t matter where they are dug out of the ground, the resources, just like water does, will find the path of least resistance and gravitate to that area. Will it be the U.S. or will it be where all the wealth has migrated – East – China, India and Russia.

This is a great conversation that shows how the world is changing; primarily the world outside the U.S.


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