Gerald Celente – Trump Broke all the Rules, Politics Just a Reality Show (Video)

Gerald Celente – Trump Broke all the Rules, Politics Just a Reality Show Video

The guest that holds nothing back in his criticism of government corruption and exposing shenanigans. Discussed in this interview: Trump changing politics, what’s up with Gold & Interest Rates and even why to be optimistic now including the Marijuana legalization trend and technology providing exciting opportunities. Checkout the end of interview for some information on Gerald’s upcoming trends conference he’ll host this coming June.

Trends Conference June 16th in Ireland:

01:20 Polarization in Politics Makes it A Reality Show
04:00 Government is really Good at Killing People
05:10 Debt Ceiling Debate: Gerald Predicts Agreement
07:20 Prepare for Washington’s Chaos with Gold
08:10 FED Announcement…Still Basically ZIRP
10:00 Cannabis Legalization & Benefits a BIG Trend
13:20 Trump to Allow Marijuana for Tax Revenues
14:30 Gerald: Trump Destroyed the Republican Party
17:15 June 16th Trends Conference in Ireland
18:40 Technology Trend: Reason to be Optimistic

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