Only Two Realistic Policy Choices – w/John Rubino (Video)

Only Two Realistic Policy Choices – w/John Rubino Video

Winston Smith
During the next crash, nationalism/populism will be unjustly blamed as the cause and, based upon the US popular vote during the last election and the worldwide general public’s ignorance of the financial system and economics, the socialists/globalists will probably get away with that. Therefore, I don’t see the proper systemic fixes coming out of the next crash any more than we saw them come from the dot com and sub prime crashes.

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Gordon T Long

Meet the Host of our Program Show Gordon T Long, co-founder of the Financial Repression Authority. Gordon T. Long has been publically offering his financial and economic writing since 2010, following a career internationally in technology, senior management & investment finance. He brings a unique perspective to macroeconomic analysis because of his broad background, which is not typically found or available to the public. Mr. Long was a senior group executive with IBM and Motorola for over 20 years. In 1995, he founded the LCM Groupe in Paris, France to specialize in the rapidly emerging Internet Venture Capital and Private Equity industry. Gordon T. Long is a graduate Engineer, University of Waterloo (Canada) with graduate business studies at the prestigious Ivy Business School, University of Western Ontario (Canada) on a Northern & Central Gas Corporation Scholarship.