Outbreak Confirmed – Drone Strike – Iran Backpeddles Nuclear Deal (Video)

Outbreak Confirmed – Drone Strike – Iran Backpeddles Nuclear Deal Video Full Spectrum Survival

Outbreak confirmed with high morbidity and mortality rate in China – Provinces affected – Drone strike takes out SUV in Syria – Iran making changes to the nuclear deal and more.

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The antibiotic resistance is their smoking gun to ‘watch’ and track all humans and animals. It is the excuse they give to enact laws to remove life saving antibiotics from small farmers which will cost them lots more money and they will go out of business. This is a game being played on our minds and does not even have real 1 real human fatality to speak of. Not 1…yes some birds have died, but not as many as are being culled out of fear. Because of this hyped up scare, many animals have been kiiled, farms can be taken and people groups are being tracked. It is a lie to put UN controls in every country and troops on the ground. Most antibiotic resistance, such as MRSA are not life threatening. It is the excuse they need to basically control the world. WAKE UP! Oh, and the antibiotics are STILL being over used by corporate farms because they have vets on payroll to give them the needed prescription. But hey let’s put small farmers out of business, and keep pumping the larger corporate foods full of antibiotics and hormones, ignore the little farmers and see how much food is in circulation in 2yrs. Oh, wait that’s the idea. Lie, remove life saving meds from the small guy, fill the food supply with antibiotics and then sit back and wait until the problem is huge….SET UP from the word go. Gosh I wish you would interview me on this subject as it is a lot bigger than the public can imagine and everyone in the homestead/preppper community is willfully blind to what is going on. Because one of the idols haven’t mentioned it, it must not be so. This is a purposeful and TOTAL set up for a famine!!!!! And big names that people follow, ought to be talking about it…but no. I have been warning about this for the last year, no one will listen because I’m not some HUGE name. I’m jut a Mom, watching from afar, comparing notes, watching strategic laws being passed, so what the heck do I know. The news is more trustworthy…just keep reading the news. “Constant surveillance needed”…I rest my case. See the Holodomor, maybe you’ll get the idea.

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