Newt – ObamaCare is Dead (Video)

Newt – ObamaCare is Dead Video

iceberg slim
health care is a racket. trusting the medical industry to heal you is the equivalent to trusting the fed to create and adhere to sound monetary policies. neither can be trusted. he put lip stick and a pos. since when do americans fight to spend money to bet against themselves. avoid the entire system and you’ll live longer. learn God’s medicine. farmacy. not pharmacy.

TDC Note – I couldn’t agree more with “iceberg slim”. The reason I have taken my health into my hands is because of two words – “practicing medicine”. No thanks. Let me get this straight – I am told over and again how I am not to trust herbs and supplements, that have HEALED people for thousands of years, but I am to trust “practitioners” of medicine that have been “practicing” for just over 150 years. hmmmmmm.

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