Important Gold Stock Update: First Mining Finance (Video)

Important Gold Stock Update: First Mining Finance Video

We have an update from the President of one of the most exciting companies we’ve had the privilege of introducing to our members many months ago now. The company also has rockstar Keith Neumeyer behind and backing it so you know it’s worth a hard look. Things could not be better with how fast this company has grown and acquired projects and with the next gold rally cycle heating up this is very exciting knowing the profit potential they provide.

00:10 Intro & Disclosure: Dan is a Long-Term Shareholder
01:30 First Mining has aggressively acquired properties
02:45 Their first deal Hostile Takeover Story
05:00 Mining Sector atmosphere increasingly Positive
06:20 First Mining: Poised for the Next Phase
08:25 Getting drill results on high quality assets
09:45 Near future potential deals with the Major Miners
11:40 Learn more about First Mining Finance

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