Debt & Derivatives: Precious Metals Stacking Motivation (Video)

Debt & Derivatives: Precious Metals Stacking Motivation Video

If you or someone you know needs some motivation on why it is WE stack precious metals. Enjoy 26 minutes of visual, fact pounding information. Watch to the end!

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Red Shift
It’s not just Christmas that is red and green. Bloodsoaked dollars are also red and green. And soon we will be besieged by those evil instruments of debt that have destroyed America and made the world suffer so horribly for the last 36 (or so) years. And when those monstrosities FLOOD back to America when the world no longer wants them and no longer needs them, THEN we shall see that precious metals were and are always the wise and profitable investment. In order to win when saving in precious metals all that is needed is patience. :)

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