US Government Hits Its Debt Target (Ceiling) Again As Trump Has No Plan To Reduce Government (Video)

US Government Hits Its Debt Target (Ceiling) Again As Trump Has No Plan To Reduce Government Video

Trump is a symbol for the coming MASS DEMOCIDE. Meaning, the elite have planned this for centuries and no one, let me repeat that, NO ONE enters into any Government office that they (elite) haven’t picked. Again, the people are given an illusion of choice. Also, the things Trump has promised are not going to happen because the economy is GOING TO collapse on a Biblical scale (literally). The elite and their puppets are mocking the people of the world. How, by having the people divided on everything (being distracted), while at the same time the elite are about to SLAUGHTER the unsuspecting (dumbed down) public. Facts! Everything you see and are told are lies or half truths. Example, Isis DOES NOT EXIST. It’s a COOP (by the Jesuits using), the US military and CIA trained foreign mercenaries for an agenda. Simply put, it’s all propaganda. America is behind all the instability in the world and Rome (the Jesuits) is the leader. Their goal is to ignite THERMONUCLEAR WARS!!! And they’ve told the world with their movies, books and interviews. Google Economist 2017 magazine cover exposed. Trump is sitting on the (fake globe) Earth to represent the coming Judgments of The ALMIGHTY GOD. Don’t believe me? Well that’s why the elite mock you. Trump and vice president Pence together make the phrase Trump Pence. Which means TRUMPETS. Further meaning GOD’S SEVEN TRUMPET JUDGMENTS ARE COMING! And again, it doesn’t matter IF you believe this or not. They do!!! And DOOM is about to begin. I promise…

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I get it – 2 heads of the same snake. But what I don’t get is why so many haters coming out of every crevasse of the “globalist” stink to stop his every move? Mega effort being put forth by team evil. Bottom line – we will know trump by his works. Lets just sit back awhile and maintain the watch. At best we might be presently surprised this time – at worst we will be one step closer to loosing the game all together.

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