Pelosi’s Tweet Calling For Americans’ ObamaCare Stories Nets Unintended Results

Pelosi’s Tweet Calling For Americans’ ObamaCare Stories Nets Unintended Results by Randy DeSoto

TDC Note – If you didn’t realize just how corrupt and out of touch Nancy – “We need to pass obombacare to know what’s in it” – Pelosi is before your read this, you should fully understand it after reading. This woman is as blind to our world as they come. Please, please, please, at the very least do not reelect this creature and at best have her investigated for corruption.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called on the Twitter-verse Monday night to share stories of how the the Affordable Care Act has helped them. What she got in return was not what she was hoping for.

In her tweet, Pelosi included a link to the page, which the administration has created for people to share the troubles they have experienced under Obamacare.

The minority leader’s tweet garnered more than 1,500 replies, most of which were very critical of ObamaCare.

Here is a sampling:

@adamkarlfranz @NancyPelosi @POTUS @WhiteHouse I need surgery and can’t get it cause deductible is too high! Been in pain for 2 years!

— KimmerJo (@Kimmerjo64) March 14, 2017

A Kaiser Family Foundation study found that rates skyrocketed this year across most of the country, with the highest rate increases seen in Arizona (145 percent), Alabama (71 percent), Oklahoma (67 percent), Minnesota (55 percent), and Pennsylvania (51 percent).

Meanwhile, 17 states experienced double-digit spikes in their deductibles last year, including Mississippi (39 percent), Washington (31 percent), Florida (23 percent) and Arizona (21 percent).

survey by in December 2015 found 63 percent of Americans do not have enough savings to cover an unexpected emergency room visit costing $1,000 or more.

In addition to paying high deductibles, Americans are paying much higher premiums under Obamacare.

President Trump held a listening session at the White House on Monday with people from different parts of the country sharing how Obamacare has negatively impacted their lives.

Trump said he and the Republicans in Congress are committed to repealing and replacing “this disastrous law with a health care plan that lowers cost, expands choice and ensures access for everyone.”

Source – Western Journalism

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