Trump’s Scary Support? – Hyper Report (Video)

Trump’s Scary Support? – Hyper Report Video

TDC Note – Scott is not up to speed, but it is really great to see him back on the scene. I love his work. This is a lot different than his usual work.


Have you wondered why there are so many people in the political, and the media, establishment screaming about President Trump? Let’s face it, the volume of anti-Trump hysteria is at record levels.

Video Source – Hyper Report

Wouldn’t the Mafia going after the Socialists just be an example of gang warfare? 🙂 As to background, making deals with mafia controlled labor unions in 1970’s and ’80’s New York/New Jersey was a matter of practical reality for nearly all legitimate businesses. Who’s responsibility and failure to tackle organized crime was it, but the governments’? If the mafia had many judges and police in their pockets, which they did, what else can a businessman do but deal with that de facto power reality? I like the idea of a President who understands how the world really works for a change.

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