Somebody Is Lying About Spying, Fed Hikes Rates & Gold Spikes, War Update

Somebody Is Lying About Spying, Fed Hikes Rates & Gold Spikes, War Update by Greg Hunter

TDC Note – I don’t think Trump would be stupid enough to make the claim that “Obomba wiretapped Trump Tower” without some real evidence. If Trump comes out with “alternative facts” his credibility will be shot and he is just starting. If Judge Napolitano has evidence of British spies doing the wiretapping he needs to put it on the table or shut up – the water is muddy enough at this point.

It seems the shadow government is throwing the gauntlet at Trump and the Trump staff. People continually comment around You Tube and various websites that I visit saying Trump is just playing his part in the play designed by the puppet masters. For me, it is still a little unclear as to Trump’s role. Not sure if he is who he says he is or if he is in fact the latest actor to occupy the White House.


Somebody is lying about spying on Donald Trump. The Senate says they see “no evidence,” and yet the New York Times runs a story about revealing information that came from “wiretapping Trump aides.”  Respected judge Andrew Napolitano says British Intelligence did the spying because it has 24/7 access to NSA records.  The British Spy agency denies this charged.  Bottom line, The Trump Administration is overtly and covertly under attack, and that is clear.  Expect a counter attack and soon form the Trump camp.

The Federal Reserve hiked a key interest rate this week. Fed Head Janet Yellen said the “The simple message is . . . the economy is doing well.”  Maybe somebody should have talked to the Atlanta Fed because it just revised the GDP in the first quarter down to .9% from a paltry 1.2%.  That was just a few hours before Yellen made the rate hike announcement.  Gold investors loved the rate hike as gold spiked in price.

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