Gold, Lithium, Zinc & Other Investments to Focus on in 2017 – James West of Midas Letter (Video)

Gold, Lithium, Zinc & Other Investments to Focus on in 2017 – James West of Midas Letter Video

Publisher of the Midas Letter is back with an update on gold, mining, how Trump’s infastructure plan will be great for commodites and economy and other economic issues. He’s also straight out of the PDAC conference feeling the exciting sentiment in the space right now.

01:35 What’s going on in Mining today, a look at recent PDAC conference
02:55 Buy Gold Juniors Now! – Private negotiations exciting
04:05 Gold Still up 300% in last 15 Years
05:45 Gold, Rate Hikes, Trump Presidency vs Metals
06:35 2017 Infrastructure investments great for Commodities
08:25 Lithium, Zinc, Precious Metals & Cannabis are Exciting Now
13:35 Big World Reasons to be bullish on metals in 2017
14:45 Bull Market & Correction in perspective, metals are cyclical
15:35 How to invest in Mining & Gold Stocks: People, People, People

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