Bob Hoye & Chris Waltzek Ph.D (Podcast)

Bob Hoye & Chris Waltzek Ph.D Podcast


  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show in rare form with timely market commentary and historical perspective. 
  • Although a confirmed gold bull, Bob Hoye questions the validity of the gold manipulation story, preferring instead to monitor the gold / silver ratio.
  • Currently, indicators suggest ensuing chaos in the credit market via the high yield / low grade bond market. 
  • Each time over the past decade that proprietary technical indicators reached current levels, the US stock market reached a critical peak.
  • The superstar cryptocurrency Bitcoin revolution recently eclipsed the price of gold for the first time, signifying high demand for currency anonymity.
  • Given the challenges involved with investing in Bitcoins, the only Bitcoin ETF, GBTC is a convenient alternative. 
  • Part of the appeal underpinning the Bitcoin phenomenon results from the ease of divisibility of units. Bitcoins are divisible down to a Satoshi, 0.00000001.
  • No matter how high the price may skyrocket, Bitcoins can be purchased at any increment for any transaction. 
  • The dualistic, bifurcation allows for speculation in Bitcoins in tandem with monetary usage.
  • Bob Hoye applauds cryptocurrency aficionados for moving the global economy away from centralization.
  • The breakthrough facilitates greater freedom for digital denizens forcing bureaucrats to conform to the digital revolution. 
  • The recent stealth rate hike by the FOMC appears to be a trap set for unsuspecting investors.
  • The FFF contracts predicted several more months before a quarter point hike in the benchmark lending rate. 
  • The discussion veers into the realm of quantum mechanics / computing, Q-bits, CERN, the large hadron collider in France / Switzerland and parallel universes. 
  • According to peer-reviewed literature, each Q-bit has access to an alternative / parallel universe, allowing for an exponential increase in computing speeds. 
  • While the outdated quantum computer, D-Wave, was faster than 7 billion human minds, the entire global populace.

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