Your Personal Economic Collapse Questions Answered! | Rob Kirby (Video)

Your Personal Economic Collapse Questions Answered! | Rob Kirby Video

If you were given 30 seconds in front of President Trump, what advice would you give him?

Can you speculate as to why JPM is warehousing silver?

If JP Morgan keeps manufacturing silver futures contracts to smash the price of physical, who keeps buying them and why?

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Rob, what is your take on whether or not the plunge protection team will use the March 15th debt ceiling as an excuse to crash the financial markets, or do you think that the bond bubble has reached such astronomical levels that even the PPT cannot manipulate this market any longer,…

As the stock market shoots up GDP has been flat for years, companies profits generally flat, (with honest accounting profits down), SO WHERE DID THE 3 TRILLION DOLLARS COME FROM to pump up the stock markets in the last 4 months? Was this 3 trillion dollars instantly created or are they creating this new money using a Ponzi loan (bank to bank) scheme with zero percent interest?

Once the bond market blows up, what’s going to happen to life insurance policies – Particularly permanent life insurance policies which has a cash value built into them that the policy holder can draw from to supplement their retirement income?

What’s the most like likely course of the battle between the factions of the deep state vs. the Trump interlopers?

If Trump is commander-in-chief why does it seem that large portions of the government are operating outside of his control? e.g. the military who is currently setting up shop in Syria, without invitation.

What really prevents someone from taking physical delivery on the Comex? Why can’t and / or why don’t investors like Sprott Asset Management just buy it all up? Where’s the Hunt brothers when you need em’?

Can you please address the hazard specifically of who is going to hold us responsible for our $20T in debt?

Hi Rob, thank you for your insights. Using the doomsday clock analogy. In your opinion, how many minutes close to midnight do you think we are, or will it be more of a slow burn to our society and economy in Canada and the USA?

What happens to personal debt, some youtubers talk about debtors prisons.?

What are your thoughts on wealth transfer regarding land? It seems that there were great transfers from people to oligarchs in hyperinflation and depressions of post Civil War southern U.S., Weimar Germany and U.S. 1930s Depression. Do you know of others where concentration of land into wealthy oligarchs happened historically? Is this part of(((their))) plan during an economic collapse? What duration of economic hard times do you foresee over which a land & asset ownership transfer would occur?

When the monetary system finally corrects and true value of commodities and currencies are discovered, how long will it take trade to normalize? Will there be buying opportunities of real property immediately after the correction? What are the possibilities of transactions being made with precious metals? Thanks very much for your insight and honesty about the state of the current world monetary system!

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