How Pepe the Frog Will Murder the Middleman

How Pepe the Frog Will Murder the Middleman by Chris Campbell

It looks like a joke to most. But this joke has the potential to turn the entire global financial ecosystem on its head. And nobody will see it coming.

Indeed. This is no ordinary joke.

It’s a story so big, with implications so immense, with significance so stupendous, with ramifications so incredible…

The fact it’s hiding behind a controversial frog meme many Americans (from both wings) believe got Trump elected… is perfect.

I’m talking, of course, about Pepe. 

Who is Pepe, you ask?

Pepe, as mentioned, is a frog meme.

He first became popular deep within the bowels of the underbelly of the Internet — on a message board of rabble-rousers called 4chan.

Many 4chan users believe — some jokingly, some certainly not — that Pepe represents an ancient Egyptian god of chaos, KEK, that’s using 4chan as his vessel through what they call “meme magic.”

And, yeah, they say, KEK helped Trump get elected.

(I told you it was bizarre.)

What makes this story even crazier is just how batty the Hillary campaign team went over Pepe, which, of course, only encouraged 4Chan’s belief in the power of KEK.

It seemed as if Team Hillary was bringing Pepe up at every turn — mostly to label it a dangerous symbol of the alt-right.

Courtesy of The Economist…

So triggered were Hillary’s compadres by the green frog, in fact, there’s even an explainer on Clinton’s campaign website, which reads at the top: “That cartoon frog is more sinister than you might realize.”

[It should’ve been clear that the moment the campaign started blaming a frog meme for its problems Hillary’s campaign was over. Hindsight = 20-20.]

Conjuring up the Streisand Effect, the Anti-Defamation League then classified Pepe as a hate symbol. And the cards Pepe fans were making and trading — called Rare Pepe — as hate speech.

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