Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente – Mad As Hell ! (Video)

Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente – Mad As Hell ! Video

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Isn’t it amazing in Washington DC lately. Look at it. Ya got several agencies, departments, Legislative branch, Judicial branch, the Executive office, District Attorneys, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, the IRS, and included are ambassadors and leaders of countries in Europe…and they are all scampering around like frogs on the freeway in a rainy night in Georgia, with headlights rushing towards them. Look at ’em. A bunch of buzzards, hyenas, sharks, and ass knuckles pointing fingers at everybody and all because they got too damn cocky, and greedy, and way too big for their britches. It all caught up with em and I include Team Trump in there too because they are simply trying to cut in on the action. The whole damn lot of ’em need to be shown the way to a camp up – north in North Korea, but hell…Kim Jong Un doesn’t want ’em either. And now we got different news camps going after each other’s throats….blaming this and blaming that. Even alt media is doing the same thing……all wantin’ to be the good guy and trying to prove how ‘good’ they are as they make asses out of themselves

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