Hillary’s Campaign People Are Russian Intelligence Agents- Irrefutable Proof!

Hillary’s Campaign People Are Russian Intelligence Agents- Irrefutable Proof! by Dave Hodges

Previously, I accused Hillary Clinton of being a Russian spy. The accusation and subsequent article received moderate attention. However, there have been new developments and it is time to repeat the charge with even more information.

The Russians Are Coming

It is ironic that the Deep State is accusing anyone who opposes them as being Russian subversives, including yours truly courtest of the Washington (Com) Post.

As I stated, the article I wrote alleging that Clinton was a spy, gained moderate attention. However, there is more evidence that has come to light.

Hillary Was “Friendly” with the Russians During the Campaign

There are multiple reports that the Clinton people met with members of the Russian diplomatic Corps during the campaign in exactly the same manner as happened with the Trump people. The House Intelligence Committee is meeting on March 20 to further accuse President Trump of being a Russian operative. The CIA will be a part of these  hearings, which I find outrageous since they are the source of leaks of classified information designed to damage the Trump administration. However, this is quickly becoming a case of the kettle calling the pot black, for Clinton, as it is now revealed, that she engaged in the same activities by meeting with Russian officials during the campaign as they are accusing Trump’s people of doing. This serves to further reinforce the fact that she has no loyalty to the United States and this includes key members of the DNC as well.

“Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov (Press Secretary to Putin), revealed that not only did Donald Trump’s team meet with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, but so too did Hillary Clinton staff hold meetings with the Russian diplomat.

The Telegraph UK reported that  Trump-Russia “fake news” being spread by mainstream media is the revelation that the HRC campaign was also meeting with Russian officials as

“We don’t have a proper understanding of the future,” he said. “We certainly would expect our contacts to be more frequent, more in depth, because we had quite a significant pause.

“We were losing potential by blaming everything on Earth on each other.

“We do worry. Public opinion – if you load with a huge burden of fake news, fake blaming on Russia, repeat every day numerous times that Russia is interfering, guilty of trying to hack, that everything that goes wrong in the country is the fault of Russia.

“We want to see this hysteria coming to its logic end. Better sooner than later.”

The Establishment’s and Rockefeller controlled,  Coiuncil on Foreign Relations, through its mouthpiece, the Foreign Policy has already taken the position that Mrs. Clinton’s staff did not meet with the Russians at anytime durng the campaign. This is a key piece of evidence that further reveals the Deep state plot designed to bring down the President.

Further, I find it interestingthe Ambassador Churkin’s autopsy results will not be released. If he only died of a heart attack, then what is the big deal? What are the “athorities” hiding”. Given the fact that the Clinton has now been shown to be guilty of the same thing that she is accusing Trump of doing, I am very suspicious of the decision to not release the autopsy results.  makes me wonder if this is another “weight-lifting accident”.


In fact, seven Russian Diploamts have recently died.  What do they know that certain people don’t want revealed? My answer to the question would be to answer with this question with another question. What is presently the biggest scandal in America?

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