So Many Funds and Not a Penny to Spend

So many funds and not a penny to spend.

We have been warning everyone about the unfolding collapse. Our system, as many of you know, is in dire straights and it appears that Trump has been put in place to take the blame for the clash. Well, a great many people will not accept that lie. In the interim, what are we to do about our personal funds that are locked up in pension funds all across the country?

As we have discussed on numerous occasions the mechanisms are all in place to confiscate what remains of your hard earned wealth. Most people have the majority of their wealth tied up in two investment vehicles – retirement funds and their home. Most people believe they are going to be able to sale their house one day at a substantial profit and combine these funds with their retirement funds and live happily ever-after.

If we take a few steps back and review what has happened along with, more importantly, the pace of change to rules and regulations surrounding retirement funds one should be able to quickly understand something may need to change.

We can no longer look at the horizon line with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of others, we must begin looking at events that will change our lives right where we stand. As more and more people muster the courage to stand alone in the face of objections by friends and family these brave souls will be the ones weathering the storm as it continues to gather steam.

The steam that is building began in earnest in 2012 and has been picking up speed ever since. Look no further than some of the recent events we have documented time and again – Detroit, CALPers, Jeremy Stein, Teamsters and Dallas Pension Fund. All of these events have taken place in less than five years. What will the next four-plus years bring? How much longer should one sit on their hands and watch as thousands upon thousands of people either have retirement stolen or placed on lock-down as is the case with the Dallas Police Pension fund?

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I was listening to an early episode of Shadow of Truth, from September 2015, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. In this particular episode we discussed some of the actions that, at the time, were more vicious capital controls being put into place by the criminal banking cabal. The part that really stood out was the discussion we were having around a single word – countervail. I was unfamiliar with this word at the time and have never used it since in conversation or a written article. This single word places an emphasis on capital controls that will ramp-up the brutality of the attack. Once these criminals decide to take their show to the next level most, if not all, the rules, regulations and policies will be in place that allows the banksters in conjunction with the government to tell you what, when and how you will handle your retirement funds. These situations don’t happen over night and they do not happen in a vacuum. It is there for all to see.

The past eighteen months the only news we have reported are the failing pension funds and how they are either severely underfunded or instituting capital controls. Will there be more regulations put in place or is there sufficient “gates” in place to swindle us out of hard earned wealth? We don’t have to sit idly by allow this happen, we have alternatives. Personally, those options were exercised in 2009 and I left the so-called “stock market”. While the numbers have risen and it appears that I may have left some gains on the table all one has to do is apply a little inflation, taxes and other real life wealth transfer mechanisms and it becomes quiet clear it was not worth the risk. I sleep really well at night knowing it will be a bigger challenge for these crooks to get at my wealth than merely flipping a switch or pushing a button. What’s in your safe?

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