Cities Are Artificial And Only Exist At The Expense Of Resources From Elsewhere

Cities Are Artificial And Only Exist At The Expense Of Resources From Elsewhere by Ken Jorgustin

Modern cities are not natural in that they are artificial unnatural centers of human existence.

Cities rely upon energy and resources from elsewhere to enable their existence and survival. These resources come from mostly invisible and intertwined complicated ‘just-in-time’ distribution networks and systems, and life in the city wouldn’t exist without them.

Systemic risk? Yes, I believe there is systemic risk there.

Supplies like food, gasoline, and most everything else are all trucked in from other places. Infrastructure systems such as water, electricity, and sewage are all systems that also on other infrastructure networks – not to mention their ongoing decay over time…

While most people are not concerned about the unnaturalness of human survival in the city, I see cities and even metropolitan regions of suburbia as potential ticking time bombs of disaster. As long as everything is working and functioning as expected, no problem… But when any of the systems glitch, there are immediate repercussions – many of which may rapidly become detrimental to one’s survival…

Normalcy bias has blinded the vision of most as to the systemic risks they face. One aspect of normalcy bias is the assumption that because ‘it’ has never happened before (to them) it is assumed that it never will. The thing is, there are many SHTF ‘triggers’ that have not happened (yet) which could become completely disastrous to anyone living in the cities (or surrounding suburbia) where population density is immense.

Cities are not self-sufficient. Cities cannot feed themselves. EVERYTHING must be delivered-transported to the cities for the people therein to survive. The scary thing is – the majority of the population live in the cities and their surrounding metro regions. ALL of these people are at risk and are (unknowingly) putting their lives and survival in the hands of many others and their systems.

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