Will Voters Elect the “Dutch Trump” Tomorrow?

Will Voters Elect the “Dutch Trump” Tomorrow? by Nick Giambruno

Tomorrow, a vote in the Netherlands could push the euro and the EU one step closer to death…

For the last several months, I’ve been warning readers about a populist tsunami washing through Europe. It’s drastically changing the Continent’s political landscape in a way not seen since before World War 2.

This wave is flushing away traditional “mainstream” parties. And it’s bringing in anti-establishment populists who want to leave the euro currency and the European Union.

It’s already hit the UK in the form of Brexit, killing David Cameron’s pro-EU government in the process.

Then it struck Italy, washing away pro-EU Matteo Renzi’s government.

After spending a few weeks in Italy last year, I predicted the country’s constitutional referendum would fail and Renzi would resign, months in advance. (I’m also an Italian citizen.)

That’s why I advised Crisis Investing subscribers to short the euro with an investment that trades like any ordinary US stock. As of writing, we’re sitting on a double-digit gain, but I expect there’s a lot more upside in the months ahead.

Tomorrow, on March 15, the populist wave is set to hit the Netherlands.

That’s when Dutch voters go to the polls. I think the anti-EU populist Party for Freedom will win. It’s led by Geert Wilders, who was close to Trump’s campaign. Some even call him the “Dutch Trump.”

Leaving the euro is a top priority for the Party for Freedom. If it wins, it would be another nail in the coffin for the European currency.

Either way, the Dutch parliament will discuss how to leave the Eurozone shortly after the March 15 election.

A top lawmaker recently said that “the probe will examine whether it would be possible for the Dutch to withdraw from the single currency, and if so how,” Reuters reported.

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