I’m A Free, Independent Human Being. What Are You? (Video)

I’m A Free, Independent Human Being. What Are You? Video

Let’s stop limiting our potential with -isms and pigeonholes. Let’s stop judging our neighbours by the labels we slap on them instead of the conversations we have with them. Let’s rediscover what it is to live in community with real people in the real world. Are you with me?

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J.M. B.
Bravo, James! As a government whistleblower, and a free, independent human being myself, I fought against government corruption and cronyism for 25 years, until the attacks became attempts on my life, and I was forced out of my government career, which I loved because I was in a position to also help people in a meaningful way, seeking as I did: the Light, and Love, and Truth, wherever I could find it, for myself, and others…. I believe in those things, and their source: God, because all else is an illusion. The two “party” system, (which ain’t no party, that’s for sure) is an illusion of choice. Why don’t people get that? Why can’t they figure out that it’s the age old “divide and conquer” dynamic at work, and on steroids? Long before I became a whistleblower, I was talking about these issues, and I will keep on talking about it, which is why I am so grateful for people like you! Thanks, man, as always! Bless you, brother! Keep on keepin’ on!

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James Corbett

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