How To Survive When The Cities Burn – Urban Preparedness With City Prepping (Video)

How To Survive When The Cities Burn – Urban Preparedness With City Prepping Video

TDC Note – Are you planning on walking out, riding a bicycle, motorcycle or car/truck? What’s plan b? When does plan b get activated? Does the family know and understand this plan and the when and how and where of it all? Huge questions that need attention today, not tomorrow.


What will you do when the cities begin to burn? Will a great exodus push millions from the populated regions of the world into the more rural areas where food and greens are plentiful? Will you stay behind and shelter in place or be one of the first to leave?

We talk with City Prepping, who has considered this in great detail and gives his opinion on why it’s better or worse to remain in the city when a disaster strikes!

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