President Trump selects interesting and perhaps most qualified candidate to be Ambassador to Russia

President Trump selects interesting and perhaps most qualified candidate to be Ambassador to Russia by Kenneth Schortgen

If there is one thing you can say about Donald Trump, it is that once a battle if over, he is still open to listening to the opinions, views, and suggestions of those who may have once been his enemies.

We saw this of course after the election where he brought in fierce Anti-Trumper Mitt Romney for two dinner discussions on whether he would make a good choice to become the President’s Secretary of State.

And now on March 8, one of the most important diplomatic posts is being given to an individual who not only opposed the President during the campaign, but who has already functioned as an Ambassador under both a Republican and Democrat and is quite possibly the best and most experienced person for the job.

And what is that ‘important diplomatic post’? How about becoming the U.S. Ambassador to Russia.

“On Wednesday, US media reported that Huntsman, 56, who served as US ambassador to Singapore between 1992 and 1993, as governor of Utah between 2005 and 2009, and ambassador to China from 2009-2011, had accepted Trump’s offer for the Russia post. Described as a moderate Republican, Huntsman will now face Senate confirmation hearings. If confirmed, the official will become the face of US diplomacy in Moscow at a moment of strained Russian-US relations.

— Sputnik News

Ironically John Huntsman has in recent times worked for an organization that is anti-Russia and against Vladimir Putin. However, nearly everyone from both parties are quite adamant that no matter what Huntsman’s personal opinions are, he serves his posts with incredible integrity, honor, and with protecting the interests of the United States above all.

“Jon Huntsman is gone, finally quitting the hunt for the Republican Presidential nomination long after the futility of his quest had been established. Huntsman was easily the ethics favorite in the competition, though Ron Paul’s candor and integrity also get high marks. He began his campaign with a call for civility, and seldom missed the high standard he set out for himself. Best of all, he correctly identified the ethics core of our nation’s various problems: the trust deficit.

— Ethics

President Trump has once again showed that he is far more interested in choosing merit and ability over cronyism, with a little touch of loyalty sprinkled in when necessary that tends to put one individual over the top of another unless there is a clear cut candidate. And just as we know in the past that Donald Trump was a Democrat at heart, and more of a liberal than a conservative until perhaps the past decade, it might be safe to say that his new choice for Ambassador to Russia is a very good one despite the history John Huntsman may have had in his views and opinions even recently against one of our biggest adversaries.

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