The 2017 TV Series – Hunted

The 2017 TV Series – Hunted by Ken Jorgustin

TDC Note – I, like Ken, watch this program for the exact opposite reasons the show is aired. It provides a glimpse of what is happening and can help us if we need to get off grid, for whatever reason. If you think you can use any type of electronic device you are sadly mistaken. It doesn’t matter what the device is – if it is connected, IN ANY WAY to the electrical grid or uses a computer of ANY TYPE then you must discard and move away as quickly as possible. If you think you can simply “drive away” well, you had better be in a vehicle that is not in any way associated with you, your family or friends as the license plate readers are everywhere – literally, everywhere. Your license plate can be read before you drive through the next intersection or pass the next overheard freeway sign or pass through any place that has a pole and a wire – it is that bad. Ken has some great tips and we should all heed the warning if we need to move quickly and quietly.


I recently finished watching the last episode of the CBS TV series, ‘HUNTED’. The show was a contest to discover if any within a group of 9 duo teams could stay undiscovered by a team within .gov who were chasing them. The various teams being hunted (comprised of two people each) only had to remain undiscovered for 28 days and they would win $250,000.

I was intrigued to watch the show and to see where the teams went wrong and to observe how the .gov team functioned/operated to find them.

I was AMAZED to see the same mistakes being made by many of the teams being hunted, because it seemed so obviously apparent that their mistakes would lead the hunters right to them. I was also amazed by a few particularly disturbing techniques that our government agencies are using to track us…

If you have seen ‘Hunted’, the TV show, you likely know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t and have the opportunity to watch it later, it’s an educational experience of do’s and don’t…

The #1 mistake of those being ‘Hunted’
Using a cell phone. The number one electronic gadget to immediately give away their location was their cell phone. Most of us know that cell phones can be easily tracked, and so did those on the ‘hunted’ teams! However they still resorted to using a cell phone at one time or another! Some of them convinced themselves that a burner phone would be safe, however they failed to realize that the government team quickly discovered their various circles of friends and family and were monitoring ALL of their circle’s phones. So when the burner phone called one of their circle of friends/family, the government ‘hunters’ knew it was them!

The #2 mistake of those being ‘Hunted’
Nearly all of the hunted teams felt the need to be around (or with) their circle of friends/family or to escape to one of their circle of friends/family (to ‘hide’). I was amazed at this. Instead of going ‘off grid’ and no contact with anyone else, they evidently felt ‘safer’? with someone they knew or they felt the need to have one of them ‘help’ them in some way. This presented massive clues and places ‘to hunt’ for .gov, and it worked…

The #3 mistake of those being ‘Hunted’
The government has the ability to ‘listen in’ to phone conversations. I have written countless articles here on .gov surveillance, and while being no surprise whatsoever to me, there are many people who refuse to accept that deep government surveillance on American citizens is not only possible but it is occurring all the time (just search NSA on this site for some examples). The government team during the TV show clearly and specifically listens in on ‘content’ of phone calls (not just ‘metadata’) and this helped them catch some of the hunted…

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