Sessions Has Names Of CIA Intel Leakers

Sessions Has Names Of CIA Intel Leakers – This Is Why Media And Obama Lackies Went After The Attorney General by Susan Duclos

While all eyes have been on Trump’s assertion that the Obama administration was wire tapping his communications before the election, the legal ramifications, the denials from Obama lackies with the help of the media, something huge fell through the cracks, which explains why the the “dark state” members within the intelligence community rushed to “leak” information on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in the hopes that the media could create such a firestorm that he would resign.

Sessions didn’t resign he simply recused himself of being part of any investigation or prosecution of “any existing or future investigations of any matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.”

That is a very narrow scope of recusal, especially since there is no proof that the AG’s office is even conducting any investigationrelating to the campaigns for president of the United States.


Joseph diGenova, the former U. S. attorney for the District of Columbia under Reagan, has spoken privately to his sources at the CIA who has confirmed that the names of the intelligence officials that have been leaking information to the Washington Post and the New York Times, illegally sharing classified information with the media, have been turned over to the Department of Justice, which is headed by none other than AG Jeff Sessions.

CIA officials know who has been leaking classified information to The New York Times and The Washington Post, and the officials have passed that information on to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to a former U.S. attorney for President Ronald Reagan.

Joseph diGenova, the former U. S. attorney for the District of Columbia under Reagan, told LifeZette that in private conversations with CIA officials they confirmed they have the names of alleged leakers and have given the names to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Sessions and the DOJ are now in possession of the names of some of the leakers, which fully explains why the media rushed to create a narrative by implication, when highlighting meetings Sessions held, while he was still part of the U.S. Senate, with Russian envoys.

How would forcing Sessions to resign help those leakers, the media and Obama operatives still holding positions of power?

The answer to that  ties directly into what ANP reported on Saturday, that Barack Obama attempted to “stack the deck” at the DOJ, by quietly removing Dana Boente from the line of succession in the DOJ hieracrchy, which would have put U.S. attorneys in the District of Columbia, the Northern District of Illinois and the Central District of California, in the direct line of succession.

As we highlighted yesterday, “The man Obama placed at the head of the line of succession is D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips, who is quite cozy with President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder.”

Via Lifezette:

The New York Times revealed in a report Wednesday that President Obama’s staffers left bread crumbs for anyone looking to undermine the Trump administration throughout the federal government. The revelation by The Times indicates how a steady drip of embarrassing leaks has tormented the new administration of President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday night, The Washington Post reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met the Russian ambassador twice in 2016. Sessions was then the junior U.S. senator from Alabama.

So, the CIA hands over the names of the leakers to the DOJ, meaning Sessions now has the names of those to build a case and possibly prosecute for leaking classified information, and what does the “deep state” Obama hold-overs immediately do? Leak information on Sessions, in an attempt to force him to resign, so that an Obama operative would be in charge of prosecuting, or more importantly, not prosecuting other Obama operatives.

Or so they thought…….

Unknown to Democrats and even the media, Trump quietly signed the order to put Boente back in the line of succession. Boente is now the Acting Deputy Attorney General and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Not only does Sessions narrow scope of recusal leave him fully in charge of any investigation into the leaks, but even had the campaignagainst Sessions forced him to step down, it wouldn’t be the person Obama hand picked to be in a position to help the intelligence leakers, but it would be someone willing to prosecute said leakers to fullest extent of the law, after building a case against them.


One of the meetings “leaked” to the press about Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador, to which Democrats started screaming collusion and started demanding Sessions resign, was sponsored by the Obama justice department in July 2016.

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