Rogue Money Radio – Guest: W “The Intelligence Insider” (Video)

Rogue Money Radio – Guest: W “The Intelligence Insider” Video

Barbara Legrand
I like this exposé.
Without Russia fighting against the German troops in WW2, history books would be different.
Without Russia attacking the German troops in August 1914 to help France, history books would be different.
Who is able to learn the great lessons of history? Which nations fought together in WW1 & again in WW2 as Allies?
I recommend to read “THE GUNS OF AUGUST” by Barbara Tuchman (an American citizen). The only non-american history book which ever received the PULITZER PRICE AS SWIFT AS IT WAS PUBLISHED! President John F. Kennedy gave a copy to Prime Minister Macmillan in 1962 on his official visit in Washington, observing that “somehow contemporary statesmen MUST AVOID the pitfalls that led to August 1914”. Here is the real legacy of history, ladies & gentlemen!

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Sam Thomas
My uncle (ex marine fighter pilot in Nam) drove across Russia years ago to hook up kids from there to the US via the internet. His idea was if the kids are friends we would all get along. He said the regular folks there are just like us except less innovative because they were always told what to do. Lots of mob rule and the folks didn’t have a clue how to change it. He also picked up a wife on the trip (not a good deal). Politicians create the wars, not the folks.

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